Step 1-


Being punctual is important to us.  We will let you know if for any reason we are running a little behind, this happens on very rare occasions and we will be sure to let you know.

Once we have arrived we will lay down protective floor covering and treat your home with respect the whole time we are with you.  Oven cleaning is dirty work but we take great care and work in a tidy and unobtrusive way.   

step 2-

setting up and dip tank

The next part of our process is to take the oven apart.  We remove racks, side panels, rear panels, the fan, the grill pan and any other detachable parts.  All these items are taken to our van where we have a heated dip tank.  They are soaked in our hot biological solution for the time it takes us to clean the interior of your oven.  

We return to the van towards the end of the oven clean, we then rinse, polish, buff and return them to your oven, clean and sparkling.

step 3-

Cleaning the oven door


This is the part of the oven that is most visible, as a result it is essential that it is taken apart and the glass is cleaned to perfection.  Dust, condensation and grease can find its way inside the door and we find that taking the door apart is the only way to clean the door to the highest standard.  

We clean each individual piece of glass with our non-toxic biological cleaner and polish with glass cleaner to give it a gleaming finish.  We remove the door from the oven and put aside, providing us with better access to the oven interior. 

STEP 4- 


This is the elbow grease part of the clean.  We use a razor scraper, mild but very effective cleaning paste and lots of scrubbing to clean the interior surfaces of your oven.  We will heat your oven to 100 degrees as our biological based oven cleaner works best with a little heat.  Each surface will be scrubbed, buffed and checked to ensure that the result is one with which you will not be disappointed.  

Once all the individual parts of your oven are clean will be put the oven back together.  We will polish, buff and shine the interior and exterior of your oven until it shines and looks truly impressive.

We take pride in our work and we will not leave until we are 100% satisfied that your oven is cleaned to the highest standard possible.  We will test the oven before leaving to ensure that it is working in the way that it was when we arrived.  

step 5-

Completing the clean