Christmas Oven Tips

So many clients of ours really like to have their ovens cleaned before Christmas.  
I understand this wish as it is so nice to have a clean oven for when you are cooking the turkey and all the relatives are around.  However I can certainly understand those people who think it works best to have the oven cleaned after Christmas as that is the time of the year where the oven gets the toughest treatment.  

Well, people of SE London, Bromley and beyond here are some tips for keeping that oven spec and span for a touch longer.


Tip 1- Take cover

This tip will not be for everyone but it does work at keeping your oven cleaner for longer.  Using foil or a roasting bag are ideal ways to stop the fat spitting from the joint and on to the door sides and roof of the oven.  There is a clear downside here as you don't not get that same roasted quality to the meat, after all it is essential poaching in the sealed pouch you are creating.

Tip 2- Size it up

Use the right size roasting tin.  This is advice that is good for all year round.  This will stop the drips and spills that overflow from using a dish that is too small for the meat being cooked.  

Tip 3- Stuff the turkey, just eat out

Whether it as at parents, in-laws, restaurants or a country house hotel there is one superb where to guarantee your oven will remain sparkling.  Eat out.  

So, if it is a Chipolota in Charlton, a Goose in Greenwich or a Turkey in Telegraph Hill (I struggled with that one), we hope you have a lovely Christmas meal.