Can you clean an oven that is not connected?

From time to time we have the situation where we arrive at an oven cleaning appointment and find an oven or range cooker that is not connected to electric or gas.  I recently when to do an oven clean in Bromley and this was the situation when I got to the property.  The client had moved in and they were renovating their kitchen and wanted to save money on buying new appliances so they sensibly opt for an oven deep clean from us.

My colleague Lee went to an oven clean in Greenwich where he was confronted by a similar situation bu this time the oven was being stored under tarpaulin on the garden patio.  It was mid-January and really cold so he sensibly advised the client that the oven clean needs to take place inside with access to power and water.  

The question is should you get the oven clean before, during or after the work?  Getting an oven clean when the oven is not connected is not ideal.  

Firstly, it means that we are unable to test the appliance before commencing the oven clean. As part of our process we check the oven is working as it should be and that things like the light works and the elements are heating up. Secondly, our oven cleaning process involves using heat from the oven to a certain extent. It is not essential for some oven cleans where the level of grease and mess is on the lighter side.  However if the oven is in worse condition the clean will benefit from a little extra heat from the oven.  

The ideal time is to get the oven cleaned before you start the work on your renovation.  That way you have new clean appliances to put in to their new housing when the kitchen refit is complete. We can clean after renovations, we are neat and tidy workers so you should not worry about that.  

Should you need specific advice on the issue of oven cleaning at the same time as a kitchen renovation please get in touch with me directly on