7 oven cleaning tips from Hither Green Oven Clean

1)    Selecting the right products

Supermarket and specialist shops are full of a range of chemicals, solutions and sprays that promise a shiny oven that will look as good as new and all without too much scrubbing.  However, I am yet to come across a product that lives up to the hype.  

The only product that I can genuinely recommend is Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaning Paste.  I am not saying that it is a wonder product but with the right application and a little effort you are able to achieve satisfying results.

I would not be without a galvanised metal scourer and a plentiful supply of microfibre cloths.

2)    Protect the area around the oven

It can be a dirty job and you certainly want to avoid messing up the rest of your kitchen in the process.  I place down protective, absorbent sheeting on the floor, but lots of newspaper will do a similar job for those attempting to clean their ovens themselves.

Some people will choose to use caustic products and they should take great care to cover all surrounding surfaces as any contact will permanently damage your kitchen cabinets.  You should also remember to protect yourself; rubber gloves and an apron are a must.

3)    Tackling the glass door

This is the part of the oven that is most on show and as such it can make a crucial difference to the overall appearance of the finished clean oven.  My advice here is not to use anything too abrasive.  I have often seen scratched doors that have been damaged by someone attacking them with a scourer.  Regular cleaning of the internal glass with a mild degreaser and glass cleaner is a much better option than the occasional blitz with strong chemicals.

4)    Removing the door

Professional oven cleaners should always remove the door in order to gain better access and enable them to reach every nook and cranny of the oven interior.  This is a surprisingly simple procedure.  As all ovens vary you should refer to the manufacturer's instructions or search the internet for video tutorials on this.  

5)    Cleaning the oven interior

Firstly you should remove everything you can from the oven.  Racks, shelves, shelf supports and trays will get in your way and will need to be dealt with separately.  Most oven interiors are enamel and they can be safely cleaned using a scourer.  Apply a strong degreaser, being sure to follow the pack instructions and then use a scourer to scrub clean.  Tackle any tough spots with Astonish paste.  It is really important not to use a scourer on self cleaning surfaces inside your oven; refer to the instruction booklet for information on how to clean those.

5)    Cleaning the racks

This is the most difficult part of the job for the non-professional oven cleaner.  I clean them using a specialist stainless steel tank fitted in my van that boils the racks for an hour in a biological solution.  This is not a luxury that people doing it themselves at home will have.  

I  know people who have okay results by soaking them overnight in biological washing powder and hot water and then scouring hard with a brillo pad.  There are also products available where you put all the racks in a thick plastic bag and add a caustic solution; again results are mixed.  Please be careful when using these products as I have seen countless floors and work surfaces damaged by these.

6)    Shining the oven exterior

Soapy water and a microfibre cloth is the place to start with this.  Remove any buttons, dials and knobs so that can you can thoroughly clean them. Just soak in washing up liquid and wipe clean if they are very greasy.  Clean the rest of the oven front with your cloth and soapy water.  Dry with paper towel and finish by using glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to buff to a fantastic shine.

7)    Call in the professionals

They will be able to clean your oven to a much higher standard than you can do yourself.  You will find that once your oven has received a full professional deep clean it is a lot easier to keep on top of yourself.    

Based outside South East London, Bromley and Dartford postcode areas?

As you will know our area of operation is SE London including areas within BR and DA postcodes such as Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington, Bexley and Sidcup.  In the past we have travelled further afield for oven cleaning appointments but as we have got busier in our core area this has become increasingly difficult.  

To help disappointed clients who have seen our website and like the look of the service, but live beyond our reach we have looked for some alternatives that we trust will do a great job cleaning your oven.  

So, if you have an N or NW postcode you are in luck.  Our first suggestion is Excel Oven Cleaning.  I like the fact that they were trained by the same training provider as us and they are an independent small business using the same products we use to clean your oven.  They have excellent reviews on google and I am confident you will not be disappointed with the oven cleaning service they offer.  

When you choose an oven cleaning company in London.  Please make sure you are getting what you think you are getting.  Many large firms or agencies will buy lots of websites called things like www.hackneyovencleaningcompany.com or www.ealingovencleaners.co.uk and not be actually based in the area they are including in their website title.  This is not a problem in itself but it is an issue if you think you are employing a genuinely local firm to clean your oven and you get a sub contracted agency cleaner.

Simon at Excel Oven Cleaning is a well established, fully insured, trained and experienced oven cleaner serving North London.  Visit his website for more information today.  

Oven Cleaning Questions

There are some questions that we are asked so many times when we are visiting our clients and cleaning their ovens.  I am going to answer some of them here.  We love speaking about our service so if you have a question about oven cleaning please drop me an email or give me a call and I will be more than happy to offer advice and answer your queries.  

So the commonly asked questions when we visit our clients homes:

"How bad is my oven?  I bet you see some shocking.  How does mine compare?"

Well.  We do clean a wide range of ovens.  From the nearly new, to the very old and extremely dirty.  Every summer we clean literally hundreds of student accommodation ovens so there is not much we have not seen in terms of oven mess.  The important thing to remember is that our price is fixed and you will NEVER be charged more if your oven is dirtier than average.  To be honest it does not take much longer to clean a very dirty oven as you have to go through the same process regardless of the grime level.

"What can I do to keep on top of my oven?  Are there any products that you can recommend?"  

This one is simple, and possibly a little boring.  Clean it regularly with a mild cleaner.  Do not try and give it a blast with harsh chemical cleaners as this is when people are more likely to damage their appliance.  I would not go as far as recommending individual products to use, all I would stay is steer clear of any products that contain caustics and have big black crosses on the label.  

"How often should I get my oven cleaned?"

The answer to this is less straightforward.  You may cook for a family and make a dozen hot meals a week.  On the other hand you could seldom use the oven and when you do it tends to be simple meals that do not really make your oven very dirty.  For some they may have there oven cleaned as a one-off event connected to a house move, for others it becomes part of their household cleaning regime.  We have clients who we visit every three months and, more commonly we have people who we visit on an annual basis.  

Please let us know if you have any questions for us.  It is always great to hear from you. 


Update: Areas we cover

Update: Areas we cover SE London. All BR postcodes including Bromley, Orpington and Chislehurst. All DA postcodes, including Sidcup, Dartford and Bexleyheath.

In the past we covered a larger area. We travelled far and wide to clean ovens all over London. This was excellent for is and out business grew quickly.

Recently we have become busier and busier with oven cleaning clients in our core area and as a result we now cover SE, BR and DA exclusively. This means we can clean more ovens, continue to be punctual and offer our super customer service.

At the moment I am currently researching oven cleaners in other parts of London who offer an excellent service too.  I will post these in the near future.  Before I do please make sure that any oven cleaner you use is insured, well-reviewed and experienced.  When you book do not be worried about asking questions, good oven cleaners will take the time to explain their process and will happily discuss your oven clean in detail before booking.  

We love the fact that you can book online.

Do not get me wrong, we love to speak to our clients.  We love to tell them about what we do and talk about the oven cleaning service we offer.  However, we recognise that people are busy, and like to make appointments at times that suit them.  

We are used to doing so much online now so why not book your oven clean online too.  We are one of very few oven cleaning companies in the UK offering a genuine online booking facility. You can seen up to the minute availability, view our clear prices, select a time that fits well with you.

Our online oven clean booking system has been up and running for a year now and we have heard from so many of our customers that they love how easy and clear it is to use.  You can choose to pay at the time of booking by card, for no extra cost or you can pay on the day of the clean by cash, cheque or card.  

So whether you are in Blackheath, Bromley, Greenwich or Hither Green or any other SE, BR or DA postcode, you can book your oven clean appointment at a time that suits you by clicking here.

2017 is upon us

We have had a truly fantastic year at Hither Green Oven Clean.  

  • We  cleaned approximately 1700 ovens.  
  • We have three excellent members of staff who continue to love their work.  
  • We have new contracts with large University accommodation providers and we continue to take on new domestic clients every single day.
  • We now offer the facility to pay by card in advance or on the day of your appointment.
  • Our online booking system makes it better than ever for our clients to book their oven cleaning appointments.

So, 2016, it has been a pleasure, and 2017 we look forward to all that you have in store.  

Happy New Year.  

Cold calling. It is not us, I promise.

I have heard from some of our clients that they have been receiving automated and annoying nuisance calls from an oven cleaning company.  I can confirm that it is not us.  It is not something we would do and we are amazed that a company is having any success with such approach.

I have taken the text below from a reputable oven cleaning company's website and I think it is good advice:

Please be aware that ‘National Oven Cleaners’ who are making nuisance calls are not part of our company.
Please report them to I.C.O. at casework@ico.org.uk or call them on 0303 123 1113
We do not cold call or make nuisance calls, please be assured of our continued high standard of service.

Christmas Oven Tips

So many clients of ours really like to have their ovens cleaned before Christmas.  
I understand this wish as it is so nice to have a clean oven for when you are cooking the turkey and all the relatives are around.  However I can certainly understand those people who think it works best to have the oven cleaned after Christmas as that is the time of the year where the oven gets the toughest treatment.  

Well, people of SE London, Bromley and beyond here are some tips for keeping that oven spec and span for a touch longer.


Tip 1- Take cover

This tip will not be for everyone but it does work at keeping your oven cleaner for longer.  Using foil or a roasting bag are ideal ways to stop the fat spitting from the joint and on to the door sides and roof of the oven.  There is a clear downside here as you don't not get that same roasted quality to the meat, after all it is essential poaching in the sealed pouch you are creating.

Tip 2- Size it up

Use the right size roasting tin.  This is advice that is good for all year round.  This will stop the drips and spills that overflow from using a dish that is too small for the meat being cooked.  

Tip 3- Stuff the turkey, just eat out

Whether it as at parents, in-laws, restaurants or a country house hotel there is one superb where to guarantee your oven will remain sparkling.  Eat out.  

So, if it is a Chipolota in Charlton, a Goose in Greenwich or a Turkey in Telegraph Hill (I struggled with that one), we hope you have a lovely Christmas meal.