Which oven would you buy?

We are expert oven cleaners and as such we have seen literally thousands of ovens.  We take cookers apart so we are able to judge build quality and hear feedback from our clients on what they think of the ovens they have purchased.  We know it is possible to spend as little as a couple of hundred pounds on a single oven, to many thousands on a premium brand like Gaggenau; we clean Wolf range ovens that are priced in excess of £10 000. So, we certainly know about ovens.  

In our experience, clients are happiest when they choose the best brand that their budget will allow.  In practical terms I would buy a bottom of the range AEG or Neff instead of a multi-function, ‘bells and whistles’ Beko.  Most clients use the fan function and the grill function of their oven.  They do not need or use the plethora of settings that are featured in some of the ovens we clean.

I have a Neff oven at home which I rate highly.  It is simple to use and fantastic to clean.  It has a light grey interior which looks slick and modern. We clean Bosch, Neff, AEG and Miele ovens that are twenty years old and work like new.  Once you have booked us in for a clean they will look like new too.  

This is a topic I like to offer clients advice on, so please get in touch if you would like any specific advice or a budget in mind and would like to know what the best buy would be in your situation.