Do you clean anything other than ovens, extractors and hobs?

No.  That is it. We like to be specialists in what we do and clean appliances that require a little technical know-how.  

We like the fact that not everyone can clean ovens in the way that we do. They are not confident enough to remove the door and take it apart to clean each pane of glass.  Not everyone will unscrew the back plate of the oven and see the areas that you would not see on first inspection. We like the fact that we have specialist equipment and a systematic and comprehensive approach to cleaning ovens, hobs and extractors.  These things make us reluctant to offer general cleaning services; we simply enjoy the process we have developed for cleaning ovens.  

In the past I have been asked to clean everything from shower screens and baths to windows and garage floors.  When I first started the business in 2011, I naively took on one of these challenges as I was not brave enough to politely decline when a client asked me if I would clean their old cast iron bath.  He had been over the moon with the great job I did on his old slot in cooker. So I searched the internet to find any hints or tips that would miraculous descale this very old and stained bath, in the end it was a case of using a good limescale product, ample elbow grease, and hours of time.  It was at the moment, as I was scrubbing away in someone else's bath that I made the decision.  Oven cleaning only for us.