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The Oven Cleaning Products We Use

I am an oven cleaning nerd.  There, I admit it.  It is pretty plain to see,  I enjoy my job and I get a real quick out of turning an oven that is in a disastrous state to something that shine and sparks a little joy.  Well, as as part of being an oven cleaning nerd is being a contributor on oven cleaning online forums (yep, they exist).  There are only so many fellow oven cleaners you can chat to in person in South East London or Bromley, so expanding my circle to online oven cleaning buddies is a must.

The thing that comes up most often on the oven cleaner forums are discussions about the solutions, chemical and products people use.  The main difference of opinion is between two types of product, that is caustic vs bio.  Caustic are certainly more aggressive and can save the oven cleaner time working on the oven, however it is recognised that these chemicals need to be handles very carefully.  They have the potential to damage ovens, floors, nearby cabinets or anything they touch.  It is for this reason we do not go near these products.

We use "bio" products and more elbow grease than our caustic competitors.  We still use a van-mounted heated dip-tank, but in that tank is a solution that works in a way that is not corrosive and certainly doesn't have the potential to damage any part of your oven.  We couple these specialist commercial bio solutions with glass cleaner and a cleaning paste to be sure the end result is complete grease removal and a stunning sparkle.  We are not the only oven cleaning service in SE London that uses these bio solutions so it is certainly worth asking anyone cleaning your oven about the products they use.  The fume free oven cleaning we are able to offer would not be the case if we used harsh and toxic caustic oven cleaning chemicals.

For an oven cleaning service in South East London, Bromley and Dartford postcodes that uses biologically based oven cleaning chemicals give Hither Green Oven Clean a call to book on 020 83338198.