Busy Bunnies With Lots Of Easter Oven Cleaning

We are really busy cleaning lots of ovens throughout SE London on the run up to Easter.  Our oven cleaning service sees really high demand this time of year and it does not take much to understand why.

Easter is a real family time and whenever we have family we have food being cooked.  Clients want their ovens to shine and be free of dirt and grime before they cook for their visitors at Easter.  

We provide the oven cleaning service that will take away the hassle and hard work of cleaning your own oven.  You will not have to worry about using strong chemicals in your own kitchen and you will not have the accompanying horrible smell of caustic chemicals.  We use non-toxic products to clean your oven to an incredibly high standard.  

We have a small number of appointments available to clients before Easter, so please book now to avoid missing out on having your oven cleaned before the Easter Bunny arrives.   


TIme To Book Your Easter Oven Clean

We are heading in to one of our busiest times of the year.  We have been running our business for six years and are always fully booked in the run up to Easter.  Ovens throughout South East London are already booked in for their annual clean so get in touch now to reserve your place.

We continue to make it so easy to book online and you can see our full price list and up-to-date availability; it makes it really convenient to book your oven cleaning service.  Remember we serve all South East London areas and we travel to Dartford and Bromley postcodes too.  


Updated Online Booking System

We have relaunched our online booking system making it even easier for clients to book their appointments online.  It has a clear design that allows you to see clear pricing and availability information.  

We think we are the only oven cleaning company in London or Bromley to offer this service.  It enables you to pay for your oven clean service online before your appointment or you can select 'pay later' if you wish to pay after the oven clean.  

We know that our clients are busy and we find that it really suits them to look at our full calendar before booking their oven cleaning at a time that works for them.  It is important to remember that we only accept oven cleaning bookings for SE, BR and DA postcodes so if you are outside of that please email me and I will be happy to recommend an oven cleaning service in your area.  

Check out the updated online portal for booking your oven cleaning service in Bromley, SE London and Dartford .


Landlord and Letting Agent Oven Cleaning Service

We have a number of oven cleaning clients throughout South East London, Bromley and Dartford who are property landlords.  A number of letting agents and landlords use us as their "go-to" oven cleaning service when they are looking to wow potential tenants with 'like new' appliances. 

Tenants really value having a lovely clean oven, hob and extractor.  There are also additional benefits to having the ovens in your rental properties cleaned, clean ovens last longer as grease does not get in the way of the oven's efficient working.  Many landlords have said that they have been saved the cost and hassle of having to replace an oven by having it cleaned to an incredibly high standard by us.  

We offer this service to landlords large and small and we are able to work with agents to collect and drop keys and arrange access at times that work well for you.  We have one landlord with homes all across Bromley that gets us to oven clean at 20+ properties every year, we collect the keys from him and drop them back when the job is done and the oven is sparkling again.  

So, if you are a landlord, tenant or agent needing an oven clean in South East London, Bromley or Dartford give us a call on 020 8333 8198 and we will talk you through the booking process.  


The Oven Cleaning Products We Use

I am an oven cleaning nerd.  There, I admit it.  It is pretty plain to see,  I enjoy my job and I get a real quick out of turning an oven that is in a disastrous state to something that shine and sparks a little joy.  Well, as as part of being an oven cleaning nerd is being a contributor on oven cleaning online forums (yep, they exist).  There are only so many fellow oven cleaners you can chat to in person in South East London or Bromley, so expanding my circle to online oven cleaning buddies is a must.

The thing that comes up most often on the oven cleaner forums are discussions about the solutions, chemical and products people use.  The main difference of opinion is between two types of product, that is caustic vs bio.  Caustic are certainly more aggressive and can save the oven cleaner time working on the oven, however it is recognised that these chemicals need to be handles very carefully.  They have the potential to damage ovens, floors, nearby cabinets or anything they touch.  It is for this reason we do not go near these products.

We use "bio" products and more elbow grease than our caustic competitors.  We still use a van-mounted heated dip-tank, but in that tank is a solution that works in a way that is not corrosive and certainly doesn't have the potential to damage any part of your oven.  We couple these specialist commercial bio solutions with glass cleaner and a cleaning paste to be sure the end result is complete grease removal and a stunning sparkle.  We are not the only oven cleaning service in SE London that uses these bio solutions so it is certainly worth asking anyone cleaning your oven about the products they use.  The fume free oven cleaning we are able to offer would not be the case if we used harsh and toxic caustic oven cleaning chemicals.

For an oven cleaning service in South East London, Bromley and Dartford postcodes that uses biologically based oven cleaning chemicals give Hither Green Oven Clean a call to book on 020 83338198.  


Can you clean an oven that is not connected?

From time to time we have the situation where we arrive at an oven cleaning appointment and find an oven or range cooker that is not connected to electric or gas.  I recently when to do an oven clean in Bromley and this was the situation when I got to the property.  The client had moved in and they were renovating their kitchen and wanted to save money on buying new appliances so they sensibly opt for an oven deep clean from us.

My colleague Lee went to an oven clean in Greenwich where he was confronted by a similar situation bu this time the oven was being stored under tarpaulin on the garden patio.  It was mid-January and really cold so he sensibly advised the client that the oven clean needs to take place inside with access to power and water.  

The question is should you get the oven clean before, during or after the work?  Getting an oven clean when the oven is not connected is not ideal.  

Firstly, it means that we are unable to test the appliance before commencing the oven clean. As part of our process we check the oven is working as it should be and that things like the light works and the elements are heating up. Secondly, our oven cleaning process involves using heat from the oven to a certain extent. It is not essential for some oven cleans where the level of grease and mess is on the lighter side.  However if the oven is in worse condition the clean will benefit from a little extra heat from the oven.  

The ideal time is to get the oven cleaned before you start the work on your renovation.  That way you have new clean appliances to put in to their new housing when the kitchen refit is complete. We can clean after renovations, we are neat and tidy workers so you should not worry about that.  

Should you need specific advice on the issue of oven cleaning at the same time as a kitchen renovation please get in touch with me directly on matt@hithergreenovenclean.co.uk

Availability for your oven cleaning appointment

February has arrived and we have not really quietened down since Christmas.  We have stayed busy cleaning the ovens of South East London, Bromley and beyond.  To have a good choice of appointment times I would advise booking at least a week, or preferably two weeks, ahead of time.

We like to provide the very best quality service and we do not disappoint our clients by being late or rushing so we never over book our schedule.  This is the only way we can guarantee quality and consistency for every oven clean.  

So, with that being said I need to get back to the oven and get cleaning.  

Do you clean anything other than ovens, extractors and hobs?

No.  That is it. We like to be specialists in what we do and clean appliances that require a little technical know-how.  

We like the fact that not everyone can clean ovens in the way that we do. They are not confident enough to remove the door and take it apart to clean each pane of glass.  Not everyone will unscrew the back plate of the oven and see the areas that you would not see on first inspection. We like the fact that we have specialist equipment and a systematic and comprehensive approach to cleaning ovens, hobs and extractors.  These things make us reluctant to offer general cleaning services; we simply enjoy the process we have developed for cleaning ovens.  

In the past I have been asked to clean everything from shower screens and baths to windows and garage floors.  When I first started the business in 2011, I naively took on one of these challenges as I was not brave enough to politely decline when a client asked me if I would clean their old cast iron bath.  He had been over the moon with the great job I did on his old slot in cooker. So I searched the internet to find any hints or tips that would miraculous descale this very old and stained bath, in the end it was a case of using a good limescale product, ample elbow grease, and hours of time.  It was at the moment, as I was scrubbing away in someone else's bath that I made the decision.  Oven cleaning only for us.  


Which oven would you buy?

We are expert oven cleaners and as such we have seen literally thousands of ovens.  We take cookers apart so we are able to judge build quality and hear feedback from our clients on what they think of the ovens they have purchased.  We know it is possible to spend as little as a couple of hundred pounds on a single oven, to many thousands on a premium brand like Gaggenau; we clean Wolf range ovens that are priced in excess of £10 000. So, we certainly know about ovens.  

In our experience, clients are happiest when they choose the best brand that their budget will allow.  In practical terms I would buy a bottom of the range AEG or Neff instead of a multi-function, ‘bells and whistles’ Beko.  Most clients use the fan function and the grill function of their oven.  They do not need or use the plethora of settings that are featured in some of the ovens we clean.

I have a Neff oven at home which I rate highly.  It is simple to use and fantastic to clean.  It has a light grey interior which looks slick and modern. We clean Bosch, Neff, AEG and Miele ovens that are twenty years old and work like new.  Once you have booked us in for a clean they will look like new too.  

This is a topic I like to offer clients advice on, so please get in touch if you would like any specific advice or a budget in mind and would like to know what the best buy would be in your situation.  

Student Accommodation Oven Cleaning

The sun is shining.  The exam season is over.  Andy Murray is winning Wimbledon.  Hither Green Oven Clean are cleaning 140 ovens at a university campus in South London.  It must be July.  

This is how we spend the summer months.  We have become the trusted supplier of oven cleaning services to a number of student accommodation suppliers across the South East of England.  We have developed an approach to this work which allows us to meet tight deadlines and complete a high volume of oven cleans to a very high standard.  

We deliver the same quality results our domestic oven cleaning clients see and we are experienced and understand the time pressures of this type of work.  Clients requirements vary so much for this service so we are able to provide a bespoke service that meets the needs of their particular situation. Please get in touch and we can meet you onsite to discuss how we can meet your campus oven cleaning needs.